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METALUBE ® is a UK-based manufacturer of specialist industrial lubricants, exporting 95% of its production to over 90 countries worldwide and offices in Manchester, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo and Shanghai.

Established in 1988 the company is headquartered in Irlam, Manchester, United Kingdom where it has a fully integrated lubricant manufacturing facility including state-of-the-art laboratories. Research and development is key to the business. The company is constantly investing in the METALUBE® Technology Centre ensuring technical excellence and innovation across its entire range of products and services.

The business was built around the production of lubricants for drawing non-ferrous wire and tubes and our Lubricool™ products still remain a key part of the portfolio. OCG™, a range of protective greases for overhead line conductors is a more recent addition to the core product line, as well as, a range of metal forming fluids, wire rope lubricants and chain oils.

Our success also lies in our ability to be flexible, offering unrivalled technical and after-sales support. It is our priority for customers to run at peak efficiency – and for 30 years METALUBE® has delivered a world-class service and superior-performance products.

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