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ABOUT 98Oils®

98Oils is well known to industrial customers. As a manufacturer, distribution, and service of industrial lubricants. 98Oils management by CHS-ASIA CHEMICAL CO., LTD., We are committed to developing 98oils products become to Asian brands. And develop 98Oils and lubricants products to the international level. CHS-ASIA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Take care of customers And environmental conservation along with the continued growth of the company


“Develop a complete industrial lubricant business by virtue personnel, development, society and environment To make the business profitable and competitive with long-term sustainability.”

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The mission from CHS-ASIA CHEMICAL CO., LTD to our employees, venture capitalists, and customers. We attach to creating happiness and smiles for everyone. Both working with us, Choosing to use our products, Including joint investment along with CHS-ASIA CHEMICAL CO., LTD., We will develop and produce all types of products with quality and efficiency suitable for customers use. In addition to focusing on product development, We also care and give importance to environmental conservation and business development with taking care of the community With a mission to take care all in a balanced manner

1. For country 

We’ll build confidence for users both quality and efficiency of our products.

2. For the community

We’ll be a good organization for society

3. For customers

We’ll create satisfaction and engagement with customers through providing quality products and services. With experienced staff

4. For employees

We’ll develop their professional abilities. To ensure the quality of work-life of employees. To create happiness in work

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Corporate Social Responsibility : CSR

CHS-ASIA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. has a good corporate governance policy, conducting business with fairness. Respect human rights and attach importance to fair treatment of workers Taking into account the responsibility towards consumers including stakeholders both inside and outside the organization and awareness of environmental stewardship, continuous community development The success of the business will grow together with social and environmental responsibility in a sustainable manner.