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Greenex Greenex-product

Researches and developments to solve industrial problems in using heavy chemical substances in factories to reduce danger to health, have long been exercised all over the world. Greenex  is one of its kind that is extracted from natural plants which is biodegradable and free from chemical solvent.  The solution is not flammable and can thoroughly clean oil or grease stain . It can also help clean dirt stain including Cooling System cleaning where water is used for heat transfer as well as odor control.

Because Greenex  is Natural Surfactant , and plant extracted  and non ionic, that has been continuously researched and tested.  This substance acts as tiny series of blade to ‘cut away’ adhesion between dirt and substrate ( Inter molecular de-bonding ) resulting easy cleaning and usage. 

Hence, from the development of this primary substance, it can be applied to numerous uses in lieu of dangerous chemicals such as  Aromatic / Hydrocarbon , Chlorinated Solvent ,  Harsh Chemicals etc.

Besides, we are still carrying out searching and developing that can be applied to other industrial needs such as  Boiler Water Treatment  , Inside Engine Cleaning, On-Line Cleaning , Turbine Cleaning , Automatic Cleaning , Oil Recovery , Sand Oil Recovery etc.. In addition to those mentioned, we are happy to stress that we can help implement Customized Applications in order to achieve Green Factory & Building Concept.  Please do not hesitate to let us know, as we will be more than happy to assist you.

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