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Case Study RANDOCAST A208 test

Randocast A212 Saving Costs By Up to 5% and Quality Improvement.


A Japanese company client that manufactures aluminum part using the die casting process has a plan to reduce costs. we have gone in to trial the product to achieve the client’s objectives.

98Oils has offered the Randocast A212 product to client because we believe that our product will be able to control quality and reduce production costs for client due to the properties of Randocast A212 itself as a die release solution that will not leave stains on the dies or workpiece. Helps the workpiece to be bright and clear. and avoid the problem of nozzle blockage.


– 11 HPDC Machines of Toshiba and Toyo brand 135 – 800 Tons by automatic cassette spray.

– Dilution Ratio 1:100 with RO water same the previous condition.


• Specially recommended in pieces with high temperature spots or massive areas.

• Doesn’t leave residues on dies or pieces.

• Clean and Bright surface of the pieces.

• Excellent ejector pin lubrication.

• Low smoke emission.

• Low COD (chemical oxygen demand) of the residues.




– RANDOCAST A212 has excellent for doing a part release and produces a bright surface.

– Can be save costs by approximately 5% (Link)