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Is a manufacturing and distributor of industrial is a lubricants. We are created formulations which new technological innovation in die lubricant products as added value to share with our customers achieve efficiency and quality in economy respecting the environment to give continuous product management support and customize formulations as per customer needs.

RHINOS TH : Technology
Different Functions Coverr Multiple Demands

Lubrication, Siloxane Polysiloxane Paintability, Hydrolysis stability Thermal stability, Compatibility Excellent release, Film formation

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Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Silicone Oils

Maintaining mold temperature balance during molding. In each injection, the effectiveness of the solution will help the mold not overheat. And cooling too much to cause theforming to harden the state of aluminum.

RHINOS TH : Lubricants Have Multiple Concepts

– Formation of a parting and lubricating strong film between mouldings and mould

– Formation of a lubricating film on mobile mould parts

– Resistance to high temperature of the mould

– Cooling of the mould

– Low build up or dirty residuals (WAX FREE)
– Protective of mould corrosion