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We are global metal processing supporter.

Since our founding in 1952, we have, amidst the enormous technological revolution in the metal processing industry, been supporting manufacturing in the automobile, steel, consumer electronics, and other industries and grown up alongside the world of industry. Right now, the world is at a turning point, and the current trend is to move toward a sustainable society. On the environmental front, the protection of our global environment has become an urgent and critical issue, and measures to become “carbon neutral by 2050” are being pursued. Amidst such a global situation, TAIYU has been working to develop long-life products and industry-first Eco Mark products based on the concept of “kind to people and the earth,” without getting caught up in concerns about only primary performance such as processing performance, and on the raw materials front we have been pouring our energy into the selection of materials that will allow us to reduce our impact on the environment and on people throughout their life cycle.


 And, with an eye on the 4th Industrial Revolution’s rapid technological innovation of machine tools and related industries, not to mention handling the chemical regulations of various countries, we are determined to contribute to the future of manufacturing with the goal of adding value to customers’ production sites from a long-term, global perspective.With our management philosophy of “The only basis for long-term prosperity is honest and sincere business,” we will concentrate the creativity of our research, sales, and manufacturing departments and our employees will work in unison toward the aim of being a company that has real value to the manufacturing companies of the world. We hope that we can count on your continued understanding and support.


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