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Case Study LUBE-KOTE 39

LUBE-KOTE 39 helps solve rust problems as needed. and also save cost 50% more than before.

OGS – is a main manufacturer of shaft/gear parts. Currently, there are a total of 200 CNC Machining machines with a monthly production capacity of 60,000 pieces, with a total of 60% rust prevention oil being used. Two methods of use are dipping and spraying.


– Previously, the customer had a problem with rust forming in large quantities on cast iron work that went through the CNC Machining process

– Customer’s use process in an incorrect way Previously, oil was used only for dipping pickups. There is no pipe for draining dirt out.

Improvement Product

– Present comparative experiments in real situations. So that customers can see the surface coating of the workpiece. and a film of oil that can protect the workpiece from the environment and excellent rust protection from Lube-Kote 39

– Recommend LK Tank (LK-1T) for customers to use. To help maintain the oil to have the same good properties. and helps control the quality of the workpiece to prevent it from rusting before the specified period of time.

Benefit of product

Lube-Kote 39 is easily cleanable with typical industrial alkaline cleaners and does not interfere with post operations. Provide good boundary lubrication for forming operations. It also is easily used and can be applied by dipping, spaying or by brush.


– After starting actual use and correct LK Tank (LK-1T) according to the instructions.

– Customers no longer have problems with rusting parts.

– LK Tank (LK-1T) reduces the amount of use from the original by 50%, making customers very satisfied.

Technical service

  • Currently, customers drain out dirt once a day.
  • Install the drain pipe for easy observation. and user-friendly Dirt can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Cleaning tank every month. (1 time./Month.)