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Case Study – Randocut 610

Water Soluble Cutting for steel Pipe


• Customer is looking for a coolant that can prevent pipe rust.

Applications: Randocut 610 recommended used include grinding and heavy machining of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals at the following ratios

                     Grinding                            3-5%                 

                     Milling                              3-5%

                     Turning                             4-6%

                     Drilling                             5-8%

                     Heavy Duty Machining        8-10%               

                     Refractive Index = 1.0

Typical Physical Properties:

Properties                                                        Randocut 610
Appearance                                                      Yellow to Amber/Clear Fluids
@.5%                                                              White Emulsion
Specific Gravity                                                0.879
pH @5% (in 100 ppm water as CaCO3)              9.53
Cast Iron Test (IP287)                                      1% Pass
Water Soluble                                                   Complete

• After they changed to Randocut610 for 4 months ago. The pipe still has no rust problems both inside and outside of the pipe. There is still no problem with odor and foam.


• After the customer had used Randocut610, the customer is very satisfied due to Randocut610 didn’t have problems with customer workpieces for export.

• Consumption: 6 Drum / Month