Laboratory provides analysis and testing services for products. Tested according to the test method in accordance with customer requirements. It is an internationally accepted standard, such as ASTM, ISO, IEC, etc., and other industry-standard certifications. The CHS-ASIA CHEMICAL laboratory method has been improved to the standardized approach.

Measurement & Testing Instruments are calibrated from instruments with standard calibration laboratories that can be feed back to national standards. To ensure that the measuring instrument is used have precision and reliable. It is also a process in the industry that ensures that the instrument is still in good working order, it is accurate and suitable for use. To lead to effective results in accordance with factory standards.


We are continuously upgrading the quality of the existing products and formulating new products to meet the market demands. Our research & development (R&D) activities are providing customized lubricants for specific needs of customers and to improve operational efficiency with cost effectiveness. our R&D personnel can help improve, design and formulate new products to meet the customers’ requirements


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