Flushing Close loop


Greenex R&S F1



S. Company

Bangchan Industrail Estate,


On September 13th , 2016


GreenexTM R&S Rust and Scale Remover

For general cleaning and line cleaning of the chiller

Flushing Closed System

13th September 2016



A.)  Team & Equipment

  1. Services 2 person, 2 Engineer and 1 specialist
  2. Conductivity/TDS Meter 2 set
  3. Bottle 500 ml. 30 bottles
  4. pH Meter 2 sets
  5. Gun Temperature 2 set
  6. Tank size 100 Liters
  7. Tank size 200 Liters 2 units
  8. Centrifugal Pump 1 set

A.)  Process Flushing Systems

  1. Drain water out of the storage tank and take sample of water to check the conductivity before start flushing.
  2. Mixing Greenex R&S F1 to the storage tank for 5% by volume and circulate for 3 hours.
  3. Take the sample of water to check conductivity every 30 minutes and stop circulate when the conductivity is stable.
  4. Drain mixing water from the storage tank and fill tap water in to the storage tank.
  5. Observe the color of water and check the conductivity.
  6. Drain water out of storage tank again and fill DI water instead.
  7. Circulate the system with DI water to let the conductivity of water decrease.
  8. Take the sample of water to check conductivity.
  9. Drain DI water out of storage tank.
  10. Fill DI water into storage tank again.
  11. Run the system to check leak point.
  12. Keep the sample water to labarotary and do report.

A.)  Lab Check

  1. pH
  2. Conductivity
  3. TDS
  4. Cal. Hardness
  5. Total Copper
  6. Chloride

Step 1 : Mixing Greenex R&S for 5% by volume into the storage tank.



Step 2 : Circulate the system for 3 hours and take sample every 30 minutes to check the conductivity.

          If the conductivity of the water in the storage tank is stable for at least 3 times then stop the system.


Some of Copper Oxide has been fall off


Step 3 : Drain water in the storage tank out and top up with tap water for flushing again.


Drain and top up tap water repeat 4 times until the conductivity of water is nearly the conductivity of tap water.


Step 4: Flush with DI water 3 times.



                                Before                                                                         After


                Before                                                After



                                Before                                                                   After


Sample of water become more clear after flushing







Summary of Flushing

          After using Greenex R&S, The scale and corrosion is removed, can be seen from;

-         Storage Tank

-         Gauge Meter



Check water every month (Conductivity, pH, TDS and Total Hardness)


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